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Zeynep Betül Deniz

Translation and Interpretation in Turkish, English, and Dutch. After completing her primary and secondary education in Turkey, she moved to Belgium. She received advanced language courses and then started high school in O.L.V.P. Bornem. She graduated from the field of ‘Economics-Mathematics’. She participated in various projects and competitions on topics such as finance management, marketing, and company management.

During her high-school period, she also studied French and German. She moved back to Turkey after graduating high school and started to study ‘Translation and Interpretation’ at Beykent University in Istanbul.

She first started to do translations online and then met Digitalcake Agency. She first began to work as Junior Brand Manager and helped various brands with their digital transformation. Later on, she managed new brands on her own. Her journey with Digitalcake is now over two and a half years and continues.