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Yağmur Keskin

Yağmur was born in Bursa. She graduated from Istanbul University with a degree in Journalism. During her high school and university years, she gained extensive experience by interning at various magazines, newspapers, and agencies. Through these internships, she worked in different fields such as writing, editing, content creation, and media relations, gaining in-depth knowledge of the industry.

After graduation, her path crossed with Digitalcake, where she continues to gain experience in various fields including digital marketing, social media management, and content strategy development. Yağmur is not only active in her professional life but also contributes to society through volunteering with several non-governmental organizations.

Her curiosity and research-oriented approach bring a fresh perspective to projects, and her energetic and team-oriented nature enhances workplace harmony and productivity. Always open to learning new things and improving her skills, Yağmur aims for continuous career development.