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Mustafa Khalil

Mustafa Khalil, an experienced and accomplished Backend Developer, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Anadolu University and a Data Analytics Certificate issued by Specializing in Backend development, AWS services integration, and data-driven dashboards, Mustafa has a proven track record in building robust web applications, sophisticated Business Intelligence solutions, and advanced e-commerce platforms.

Mustafa has worked in many global companies, where he has developed his skills through diverse projects and roles. He has been responsible for tasks such as:

Developing and maintaining web applications using PHP Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, and HTML5/CSS3.
Designing and building auto-scaled websites using AWS services and creating data visualization dashboards with Quicksight.
Implementing SOLID principles and various design patterns to ensure clean and efficient code architecture.
Collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality results and meet project deadlines.
In addition to his technical skills, Mustafa has also gained valuable experience in:

Conducting software tests, managing websites, and performing site analyses.
Understanding customer needs, developing analytical skills, and improving time management.
Leading the development of an advanced e-commerce website integrated with an ERP system.
Mustafa’s technical expertise, collaborative spirit, and dedication to driving innovation make him an invaluable asset in the field of backend development and business intelligence.