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Kübra Sayık

Kübra was born in 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey. After completing her high school education in the Graphic Design Department of Bakırköy Anatolian Girls Vocational High School, she graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University with a degree in Photography and Camerawork. Following her university education, she entered the professional world, driven by her passion for graphic design that started in high school.

For about 13 years, she has been producing designs for various brands and agencies while continuing to create innovative and unique works in different fields of art. While keeping up with innovations in the digital world, she also has a great interest in handmade art. By integrating her hobby into her work, she manages to add a unique touch to her projects.

Kübra is an expert in telling the stories of brands with passion and originality in every project. Her creativity in logo design and success in corporate identity design make brands stand out. She produces high-quality work in both digital and print designs. Her curiosity for many branches of graphic design allows her to create various products, both digital and handmade.

In her projects, Kübra incorporates not only design but also the emotions and soul of the human experience. Understanding the essence of your brand and adding warmth and meaning to her designs is the core of her work.