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İrem Baydar

İrem was born in Izmir in 1998. After completing high school in Ankara, she fulfilled her dream of studying at Anadolu University’s Department of Cinema and Television in Eskişehir and graduated in 2020. She also completed her master’s degree in 2024 in the field of Cinema and Television.

Interested in filmmaking since the age of 10, İrem directed, wrote, and edited many short films during her university years. In our team, İrem is responsible for video production, scriptwriting, photography, and editing tasks. With a focus on creativity, she brings the experience she gained in her department to the projects in the company.

She was also a member of the management team of the Anadolu University Cinema Club and served as the club’s president for a year. During this time, she organized many events with her team members within the club. İrem also served as a moderator in interviews with Bilal Babaoğlu and Mu Tunç. She was a part of the festival team at the Eskişehir International Film Festival in 2017, 2018, and 2021. She assisted with production, pre-production, and festival processes during the organization of the festival.

Her short film “Congrats, You Lost”, which she shot in 2019, was included in the November official selection of The Lift Off Sessions festival. The short film was also included in First Time Filmmaker Sessions November official selection, SonderBlu Film Festival official selection, Flickfair On Demand Film Festival August official selection. “Conrats, You Lost” also won the “Best Female Director” award at Anatolia International Film Festival and “Best Director Student Film” award at 1st Monthly Film Festival. She was a Finalist in the “Female Director” category at the “Golden Bridge Istanbul Short Film Festival” and received the titles of “Finalist” at the “Model N Movie International Short Film Festival” and “Quarter-Finalist” at the “Rising International Film Festival”.

İrem continues to bring short film projects to life and write her scripts. In addition, she has a passion for analog photography, video games, travelling, fitness, and playing musical instruments. Her main goal is to learn new languages, push her limits, write and shoot films and develop herself in any area that involves creativity and art.