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Gülcan Erdoğan

Gülcan is a highly passionate digital designer who brings a creative approach to the Digitalcake team. Born and raised in Ordu, Fatsa, Gülcan is a designer who always strives for the best and meticulously carries out every job with great care. After completing her Graphic Design education at On Dokuz Mayıs University in Samsun, she further developed her designer spirit in the digital field.

At Digitalcake, Gülcan carries out work for our clients in the beauty industry and successfully brings her countless experiences to the OpenBeauty project. As the Project Designer, Gülcan is responsible for all designs from the first prototype phase to the final project launch of the OpenBeauty project.

Her positive attitude and spirit of bringing everything together with art inspires all those around her, and her dedication to creativity ensures that every project design is flawless. Gülcan believes that she nourishes her soul by traveling and discovering new places, cultures, and works of art, and this belief is the secret to her professional success. As a passionate traveling designer, Gülcan is one of our agency’s valuable designers.