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Eren Toklu

Eren is part of the Digitalcake team as a graphic designer. He completed his education in the Department of Communication Sciences. He was born and raised in Adana, Turkey. He started his career as a news writer and instead of staying there, he tried to improve his graphic design skills and specialize in this subject in order to learn different things.

Eren, who never hesitates to continue his development and is aware that this is the way, is also aware of what he can do. Assuming one of the important tasks of the team, Eren is involved in the creation of both social media content and printed materials for customers. In addition, he reveals his vision by making video works at the points where our team needs it.

Many branches of sports, especially football, are his passion. We can clearly say that he loves to watch, evaluate and analyze. He tries to apply these 3 important points to many aspects of his life. In order to stay creative, he makes an intense effort to constantly improve himself and stay informed about current trends.