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Buse Benakay

Buse graduated from Istanbul Aydin University with a degree in Pathology Technology after completing her high school education. During her university education, she successfully completed the Social Services department with a double major program. Buse, who gained her professional experience through internships in different health centers, added first aid training to her career.

After graduation, she worked as a Pathology Technician at Florence Nightingale Hospital. She received her diploma in Child Development from Istanbul University and continued as Interventional Radiology Coordinator at Medicalpark Liv Concept Hospital. She increased his competence in health services by taking part in many branches such as Organ Transplantation, Cardiovascular Surgery, Emergency Medicine.

After the pandemic, Buse, who worked as Sales Manager in the field of Hair Transplantation, also worked as the Editor and Content Writer of the center. She dedicated himself to development and innovation in the health sector with his mastery of various hospital management panels such as Medin, Pusula and Estesoft CRM.

Now, she is working as a Brand Manager in the Clinicly project developed in the field of international health within Digitalcake. With her life dedicated to health, she integrates her professional knowledge and experience into digital health solutions and carries out pioneering works in her field.