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Ahmet Güzel

Ahmet Güzel is a professional based in Istanbul, specializing in digital marketing, SEO, and WordPress. With years of experience, Ahmet has mastered creating a strong digital presence. Currently, he is enhancing his skills in data analysis using SQL and Python. His analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities enable him to transform data into meaningful insights. His passion for technology and continuous learning drives him towards excellence in data analysis. He aims to participate in innovative projects and make significant contributions by leveraging the power of data.

Ahmet’s career includes roles as a WordPress and SEO Specialist at a digital marketing agency, where he focuses on advanced site development, customization, performance and security optimization, and advanced SEO strategies. He has also worked as a WordPress / E-Commerce Specialist, contributing to website development, SEO compliance, and e-commerce operations management. His career began as an E-Commerce Specialist, gaining experience in website management, product management, and digital marketing.

Ahmet holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Anadolu University and studied Computer Programming at Istanbul University. These educational experiences have solidified his technical knowledge and skills.